This one is from dolst, but we just had to share it here. Thanks to the people who took their time to participate! Pipe up in the comments (here or on YT) if you appeared in this video!

Not a Hiatus...

Dear family, friends, and fans. We recently said that we were only taking a hiatus for the remainder of the year, and that we would resume playing shows in 2017.
We must apologize, since it looks like we misinformed you. After recent events, we have decided that this isn't going to be a temporary break.
As of right now, it's not going to be a hiatus. Instead, we will be playing at least one more show in 2016, possibly two, possibly more.

Revenge! Revenge! Demo

We decided to put out a new demo for your listening pleasure. We're pretty happy with our mix on this one.

We have Merch!

In case you missed it, we now have 4 different shirts (3 designs), stickers, and buttons for sale. You can buy them from us at shows or hit up our online store.