The Subtle Art of Autodefenestration - Live 07-24-17

Video of the live performance on 7-24-17 at Strange Matter opening for Pinky Doodle Poodle.

Revenge! Revenge! - Practice 07/10/2017

Video of Revenge! Revenge! from a recent practice with the current lineup.

Game of the Year (Special Edition) - Canal Club 04-18-17

Video of our last song at the Canal Club on 04-18-2017 with DOYLE, called "Game of the Year (How to Slay an Angel)".

Long Knives - Live at the Canal Club 04-18-2017

Video of our first song from the set where we opened for Element A440 and DOYLE. This song is a newer one called "Long Knives".

Graveside Breakfast - Space Oddity (LIVE) - Josie House 02-24-2017

Video of our live rendition of Space Oddity with dolst (guitar/lead vocals), dExy (bass/backing vocal), and Log - Lord of the Circles (drums/backing vocal) at the Josie House.

The Grimdark Legion Audio-Visual Teletransmission Communiqué Episode 3

What happens when the guys in Awake at Last play the Canal Club in RVA? And what happens when we take our eyes off Rattler for two whole seconds? Special thanks to Awake at Last for being a part of this!

Graveside Breakfast - Thriller practice January 2017

Happy Friday the 13th. Video of our cover of Thriller by Michael Jackson from a practice in January 2017. If you enjoy it, please share with your friends. Stay grimdark.

How to Slay an Angel - 10-19-16 - Practice

'How to Slay an Angel' from an early Graveside Breakfast Version 3.0 practice on October 19, 2016.

December 13, 2016 - Full Moon

dolst and dExy notice the last full moon of 2016

Acid Tide Reunion House Show - Graveside Breakfast's full set - 11/05/16

Our friend over at Shaynoo Plays caught pretty much the entire set at the recent house show. Watch it now from the comfort of your own home or phone.