Graveside Breakfast 4.0 Members:
dolst - Guitar, Vocals
dExtrosien - Bass
The Tendril - Drums, Backing Vocals
Rattler - Promotions/Bodyguard


Could equal parts grunge, classic hard rock, and goth all coexist in one body? Dressed like some jumble of Anton LeVay and P.T. Barnum, singer/guitarist dolst of Graveside Breakfast said, "Hell yeah!"

They called it "grimdark".

dolst and then-drummer dExtrosien were married for a year when they decided to satisfy their musical urges under the name Graveside Breakfast in 2012. Ideas gestating in their minds for nearly a decade issued forth during their jam sessions. In late 2013, the duo began playing open mic nights every other week. In early 2014, they met Faust who provided backing vocals on stage as well as industry and scene wisdom off stage. In late 2014 Maximus Two-Hands joined them briefly on bass. In 2015, they began booking shows in earnest and started to bring the grimdark to RVA. Soon, dExtrosien moved to bass as various drummers shared their powers with the band.

Graveside Breakfast's songs wove tales of vampire love gone bad, ruthless ancient machine people, and cities on fire. They expelled these stories with crooning, howling, screaming, growling, and the odd death metal grunt tossed in for good measure. All this was layered atop rock-solid riffs and ethereal chords alike, interspersed with guitar solos sometimes simple yet heartfelt, sometimes epic and grandiose. Even on the occasional slowdowns, haunting melodies acted as spider silk, woven to buoy the weight of such topics as betrayal and suicide.

Since their inception, Graveside Breakfast has played with many bands from the region and from out of town: Eien Strife, Carousel Kings, Awake at Last, King Giant, and Blackwater Reserve to name a few. Raien of Virginia Beach's Eien Strife has said "We love their music and we were glad to finally play a show with them. This grimdark thing is awesome!". Vincent Torres of Awake at Last was quoted as saying, "Graveside Breakfast is my spirit animal!"

Bringing the grimdark to RVA and surrounding areas is what they were about in their time. Said dolst, "We want to tell our story and belt out the songs that touch those black and unpleasant places. This is not to glorify evil, but to draw a bold line between 'dark' and 'evil', and show they are not the same thing. Just because you're the outsider in school doesn't mean you're going to shoot the place up. You can be the one wearing all black and still stand up for what is right."

In 2017, the purveyors of the grimdark decided that this was not the correct path after all. dolst and dExtrosien realized that they were both awesome people but ultimately did not belong together. That didn't change the fact that they had some really awesome times together, made some really kickass musical, cosplay, and theatrical projects during their time, and both made some really great friends in the scene.

The 69 Eyes
Alice Cooper
Black Sabbath
Marilyn Manson
Type O Negative
White Zombie
The Who


vocals, guitar
dolst was born on a cold Winter night to human and vampire parents on a date lost to the mists of time, screaming in primal rage, already geared toward being heard by all who would listen and most who would not. When he was 17, he picked up a guitar, learned how to tune it, and convinced some people that he actually knew how to play it. After he acquired an electric guitar, he made reams of godawful noise with it. In the late 90s, he dabbled in home recording, released an album bad.acid under the name DiscoFunkHellCentral, and even sold a few copies via the legendary

At the dawn of the 21st century, dolst recorded sporadically. A couple of his songs even got played on local RVA radio stations, but nobody really noticed. In 2011, he married dExtrosien and does not regret their time together one bit!

As of 2019, he has been on musical hiatus, but is working on other projects to be announced soon.

His musical influences are Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Brand New, The Hunger, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Run DMC, Tim McGraw, the Allman Brothers, Megadeth, Metallica, Eisley, Marilyn Manson, A Day to Remember, White Zombie... seriously, this guy's all over the map. He also coined the term "Surf Wisely" back in late 1995.


dExtrosien was slated to emerge into this world in early 1981. Not wanting to be born the same year MTV would premier, she tore her way out of her mother's womb ahead of schedule, and arrived in late 1980. After honing her teeth, claws, and percussive prowess over the years via marching band and beating on random objects, she began playing on a real drum kit.

Before the term "dad rock" was a thing, this young werewolf was listening to her dad's dad rock and being greatly influenced by classic class acts such as The Who (her favorite band of all time), The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Who, and The Who, as well as Motown's best such as The Temptations, The Four Tops, Sam and Dave, and The Supremes to name a few. From there she branched out into the more obscure Northern Soul hits by groups like Dobie Gray, The Spencer Davis Group, Gene Chandler, and Archie Bell and the Drells.  She was also heavily influenced by mod acts such as The Jam, Nine Below Zero, The Action, Ocean Colour Scene, Purple Hearts, and The Small Faces, as well lots of punk and hardcore from the late 1990s. And The Who.  Also, she has taken a liking to many Japanese Rock(J-Rock) bands such as Nightmare, Flow, Daizy Stripper, Blood, Sendai Kamotsu, Magverry, and Born.

Somewhere along the way she met dolst, decided he was just too strange to let out of her sight, and married him in 2011. She paralleled his chaotic axe-slinging with her unsparing skin-banging for a few years, then more recently moved to hammering the bass strings to bring the grimdark with a side of thunder.

As of September, 2019, she plays bass in Asylum 213.

The Tendril

In GSB's time of need, this mysterious figure emerged, brandishing drumsticks and seemingly limitless stamina. He was created in a Japanese lab by an insane genetic scientist who also happened to be an amateur hentai manga artist. Infused with plant DNA that allows him to sprout tentacle-like appendages, he is the ultimate musical GMO.

Graveside Breakfast 3.0 Members:
dolst - Guitar, Vocals
dExtrosien - Bass
Log - Drums, Backing Vocals
Rattler - Promotions/Bodyguard



A chaotic force on the drums and occasionally screaming with reckless abandon, Log has also been known to engage in the wholesale removal of thorns from roses, briars, and other assorted prickly plants. He holds the title of "Lord of the Circles", and may or may not be associated with the individual known as Faust.

Graveside Breakfast 2.5 Members:
dolst - Guitar, Vocals
dExtrosien - Bass
The Jona Brother - Drums
Judge Viper - Guitar
Rattler - Promotions/Bodyguard


The Jona Brother
aka El Payaso Marrón

The origins of the Jona Brother are shrouded in mystery, though he is rumored to hail from the far-off land of Long Island. Descended from the ancient line of naga, his serpentine strength and power is evident in his skilled drum work. He was also responsible for approximately 75% of all the band's good musical decisions during his time. His musical influences include Arctic Monkeys, The Clash, The Strokes, The Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Judge Viper

Judge Viper's maternal line is thought to be descended from the very fates themselves. Being the first male born to this line, it is still unknown whether or not any actual fate powers will manifest. Previously, he handled the lion's share of guitar work for the band, playing the lead parts that actually sounded good. His musical stylings have been shaped by Led Zeppelin, Kendrick Lamar, and Royal Blood.