In Memorium: GSB 2014-2017 (as of 2019)

Greetings, friends, family, fans, Grimdark Legionnaires... Anyone coming to this site in the past few months has likely noticed content coming and going, site design breaking, changing, and slowly becoming something that resembles an actual working site. 

Unfortunately, the old GSB site had to be taken down following an attack. The back end needed to be upgraded, and a perpetual security maintenance plan needed to be implemented before it could safely be brought back up. This necessitated a full system upgrade, the data had to be migrated, and the theme had to be retooled to work with the new system as well.

As you will no doubt notice if you peruse the site, many links are still broken, images are still missing, and some content may unfortunately never be restored. However, we wish to maintain this site as a monument to the grimdark delight that was Graveside Breakfast, so here it is! Please bear with us as we attempt to clean things up and make them at least slightly more presentable.

Feel free to let us know if you find any broken parts of the site that you wish to see fixed, or missing info you would like us to restore... You know, once we get the contact form working again. ?

Stay Grimdark!