Poor Rattler...

Rattler bet dolst a dollar that he couldn't fix the stuck button on his classic Casiotone keyboard. Rattler lost. The sketchy power connection also got a re-soldering, so now it stays on without having to pin the power cable underneath it and hold tension on it. Zap grimdark!

Poor Rattler

The Site is Back Up!

Greetings, friends, family, fans, Grimdark Legionnaires. We are substantially pleased to announce the resurrection of We were alerted to its breach by our hosting company. Some Russian script kiddie calling himself "The Technician" seems to be the culprit.
So, kudos to him for sending out a bunch of spam and ultimately bringing the site down. Just so you know, we plugged the hole and have taken additional steps to harden the back end against such attacks in the future.

And So It Begins...

We are beginning to work on re-recording our songs from our 3 song demo as well as record some of our other originals. The goal is to make everything sound even better than what we threw together in just a couple of weeks back in October. Plus you'll actually get to hear Maximus Two-Hands and his mad bass skills on these new recordings. It might be a while before you hear it, but hopefully it will be worth the wait. May the grimdark keep you warm.