Hi everyone, it's me Rattler checking in again. Sorry that the band has been quiet as of late, but they have been hard at work putting together several things for you this year. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out the icon links to the right (or below if you are using a mobile device). We have some free demos available on Bandcamp and Sound Cloud for your listening enjoyment as well as some You Tube videos to entertain your eyes as well.

Happy Holidays

Just found this picture of me getting into the Holiday spirit last year. Happy Holidays from all of us at Graveside Breakfast. Don't forget to check the Show page for 1 more show in 2015 and 1 show already announced for 2016.

Stay grimdark,

November to Remember

Hi! Rattler here again.

Sorry we've been a bit quiet, but Graveside Breakfast has been hard at work. I'm looking forward to the finished product. I wanted to thank everyone for their patience.

Also, I wanted to share that since November 1st marked my one year anniversary with the band (and what wild year it has been) I have asked for something pretty special. Hoping that I will get it soon. So stayed tuned for all kinds of goodies before next year.

Stay grimdark!

Site Updates

Update August 1, 2015 The site is on the new server now. We will be posting new show information soon.

This weekend, we will be updating this site. For the most part, you won't see any difference (we hope) but after the update there should be no more comment spam, and shows and band information will be updated more regularly.
For example: We will be playing at City Dogs on Thursday, August 6th, and at the Canal Club on Friday, August 7th. But we will post about those in the "Shows" section. Surf Wisely and stay grimdark!


Studio B on 5-17-15

Sunday night, 5-17-2015 be sure to tune into XL 102.1 FM in Richmond, VA (or iHeartRadio) at 11pm eastern for an hour of all local and regional music on Studio B. Keep your ears open for our song "Only a Gutsy Teenage Girl Can Save Us From the Oppressive Dystopia of the Future" during that hour. Dream ?grimdark?.