Upcoming House Show and Future of GSB

This Saturday, June 11th, we will be playing at a free House Show in Mechanicsville that starts at 1PM. Contact us if you are interested in coming out. There are at least 11 or 12 other bands besides us including, Idiot-Proof, In Your Memory, I Am The Rapture and Josie McQueen. This will also be your first chance to check me, the humble Rattler, rocking out behind the drumset.

On this note, be aware that the Chapter of Graveside Breakfast 2.5 will be coming to an end this summer, there may not be too many other opportunities to see us in the current lineup so if you haven't yet do it soon. We are not 100% certain what the next chapter will look like, but know we are still working on things and don't expect us to be gone for long.

But, I must say the chemistry in the current lineup is awesome and worth witnessing live at least once. We have some new songs and old songs we haven't played much live lately so it should always be a different experience..

Stay ?#?grimdark?.